Turkish Airlines – Dream

Advertiser:  Turkish Airlines 

Agency: MullenLowe Istanbul

We know that Turkish Airlines flies to more destinations than any other airline in the world. They also fly to all airports in Turkey as the flag carrier of the country, and with this amazing advertisement, they want to emphasize this fact. Igdir, the subject-matter province in this video is a less populated rural city in the very eastern end of the country with a newly built airport. This video depicts four little friends who dream that those airplanes passing over them would land on their town one day, and they decide to build their own little airport for their dream.

The construct of the video, authenticity of ambience and the children with all their mimics and accent, they all feel so natural that, at some point, you might even think all of those actually happened and filmed at that moment, as if it were not a fiction. This impression is most probably owed to the children who are not actually professionals; they were actually chosen among the local children of the town, and they did a great job.

Although Igdir might not be a prior interest for so many people, the feeling aroused by this advertisement is much more than just a city promotion. Along with their motto, DREAM, Turkish tried to reveal how they could touch the lives of their people and managed to show this in a quite heartwarming way. Successfully accomplished!

P.S. I couldn’t help myself noting that the education of these four children will be supported by TK during their all school life. So cute!

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