Singapore Airlines – Making every journey personal

Advertiser:  Singapore Airlines  

Agency: TBWA\Singapore  

From the very beginning to the end, Singapore Airlines’ new ad has a magical feeling that captures you and gets you watch all of the video without being bored. The quality of the pictures, smooth flow among the scenes, harmonious music and the symbolic expression of the high-end in-flight services are some of many components helping this ad to reflect the exquisite brand image of Singapore Airlines.

Singapore Airlines successfully employs the “Singapore Girl” image again in this ad as in most of their campaigns. Although many other airlines also use flight attendants in their ads, there is something very special about this classy image of Singapore Girl distinguishing it from others, and Singapore Airlines well knows how to emphasize this. This ad also manages to introduce Singapore Airlines’ new A380 cabins, including business class and their new suites, with fabulous transitions from the abstract to reality.

Singapore Airlines again did a great job on advertising their services without shouting “look, how great our product is!” at your face, and I think this is not common in the industry. This is actually how Singapore Airlines maintains its distinctive brand image. This campaign deserves a standing ovation but as this would be way too out of SQ style so I have to confine myself to warmly congratulating…

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