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In their campaign released in 2013, Norwegian aims to reposition the company with their newly invented term “a common-sense airline” instead of a low-cost/budget airline. In these video series, they would like to emphasize the idea that their passengers only pay for what they want instead of paying for a full-service package including food, drinks and baggage.

In their videos revealing common-sense reasons #18 and #19, they managed to emphasize the twisted logic behind charging a full comprehensive price regardless the passenger’s requirements. Furthermore, with their reason #16 video, they try to underline how they differ from other “low-cost” airlines in terms of the central airports they fly. Their offering (including not paying for what you don’t want and flying to central airports) is defined as common-sense, and hence they categorized Norwegian as a “common-sense airline” instead of a budget airline.

In my opinion, these ad series serve well to their aim, and makes perfect sense for the passengers who travel short-haul and/or without baggage. However, they also imply that the airline will charge extra for every additional service, which means these ads might scare away the passengers who travel with baggage or those who fly more than a couple of hours as they will need food and beverages during the flight. Although these ads would be effective attracting some light travellers, their impact on the Airline’s miscellaneous revenue should be carefully considered.

Moreover, considering that Norwegian has just started its long-haul flights, they’d better keep these old ad series away from the sight of potential passengers since flying without food, beverage or baggage wouldn’t be so common-sense for a transatlantic flight.

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