KLM – Take-off Tips

Advertiser:  KLM  

Agency: DDB Unlimited  

In this film, KLM advertises its new innovative customer experience service. It is a clear introductory ad which gives information about KLM’s new “take-off tips” service. They simply place holographic communication booths into the boarding lounges of airports they operate to enable KLM passengers to communicate with other KLM passengers waiting in the boarding lounge of their destination and get local travel tips from each other.

To talk about the service, it is an indisputably original one. Instead of providing its passengers with some written or visual sources about “the most famous” attractions, KLM gives them the opportunity to directly connect to and communicate with the locals for some useful tips just before their trip.

Regarding the way they advertise this “take-off tips” service, there is not much to say. They made a good decision by using an introductory film – giving clear information about how the system technically runs and how could it be used by the passengers to get more out of their trips. It is important to help passengers understand what those booths in the waiting lounges are about; therefore, a film with lots of fun music, action and short scenes for the sake of “attractiveness” would not be a wise choice for this specific service.  In fact, an agile film is not needed at all since the service itself is already attractive and interesting enough.

Needless to say, this new service suits well with the airline’s motto, “bringing people together”. With sufficient explanation of its new service, interesting communication examples revealed and a special emphasis on how KLM value its passengers, this to-the-point film is able to successfully communicate its message without causing any confusion. This ad can be classified as an example of a well-designed communication. Good job KLM!

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